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The premise of the Membership Program is to have a neutral advisor for homeowners to call on for honest advice and recommend cost effective solutions to maintaining their homes.

The reality is most repairs around the home don't require professionals like plumbers or electricians. In almost every situation in the workplace, the general repair person (or labourer) will do the majority of the work, and the certified professional will come in to oversea what's been done and give his/her stamp or approval. Ultimately, you can end up being charged for professional services when only a very small portion of the work (if any) has really been completed by one. So you see, if you know when to (or not to) call on a professional, you can save a lot of money. The trouble is, most homeowners simply don't know when a professional is needed.

Sign up today and avoid these pitfalls tomorrow:

1. Randomly flipping through the Yellow Pages hoping to find an honest contractor and getting frustrated because you don't know who to turn to or what the problem actually is.

2. Hiring and overpaying for a Professional when all you need is a general service person.

3. Hiring a general service person when you really need a professional.

4. And of course, the nothing at all hoping the problem will just go away.


Save time
Save money
Peace of mind


Small monthly fee starting at just $8 a month.


Please review terms and conditions set out in the Membership Agreement.