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our mission

Why are we here?

Because you need us to be...and we're answering the call 289-644-8891. We know our industry doesn't have the greatest reputation, so we're determined to change things, one client at a time. Trust takes time and effort to build, but we're patient, because we think you're worth it.

Mission Statement

To be the reliable, trusted and affordable source for home renovations, maintenance consulting, and general repairs in every community we serve.

What does this mean to you the home owner?

Building relationships is the cornerstone of our success, so if we can't Fixx it ourselves in a timely manner, we have partnerships with the best possible service professionals to get the job done right on time. And for added security, join our maintenance Membership Program for as little as $8 a month, you can think of us as your personal property maintenance manager and call on us anytime.


Why should you, the home owner, use Fixx?

We know from experience that 4 out of every 5 calls require a general service person and not a professional. Do you really want to overpay for a professional 80% of the time unnecessarily? Let us sort it out and save you your hard earned $$$ in the process.

We are impartial. We'll tell you what needs immediate attention and what can wait, leave you with valued information in order to make a sound decision, and if necessary, recommend the best possible service partner to do the job right the first time.

Quality professionals generally won't bother with house calls because there's rarely value in it for them. Because we service countless properties, and use them regularly, they tend to answer when we call.

And if you decide NOT to become a Fixx Member, yet call on us for a major renovation or sizeable repair, you can still count on us to partner with the best contractors and professionals in your area and not charge you more for it.

How do we plan to do it?

Reliability: Our goal is to continually search for, and develop partnerships with, the best contractors and professionals in our area. So when we're not qualified to do the job ourselves, and you ask for a referral, we'll confidently send you someone we've been able to count on in the past. We believe a mistake can happen to anyone, but two is too many. We only work with quality reliable professionals. And remember, we alway promise to come knocking within 24 hours...guaranteed!

Trust: We believe you shouldn't have to worry about being overcharged for a minor fixx, or worse, get someone under qualified for a critical repair. Because we've worked in our area for years, with countless contractors and professionals, we've already eliminated the majority of bad apples.

Affordability: Due to our unique revenue generating structure, we can afford to offer unprecedented value to the homeowner. We're home owners too, we know historically you have been overpaying for general maintenance, and we are here to stop it!